How to make a Cupcake Train using Bud’s Best Cookies May 12 2015

All aboard the cupcake choo-choo train. Here's what one fan did with our cookies .


  • Red tablecloth
  • Roll of electrical tape
  • One sleeve of graham crackers
  • One bag of large-sized marshmallows
  • One 5oz. package of Uncle Al’s Chocolate Crèmes
  • Vanilla frosting
  • Toothpicks
  • 12 Cupcakes


  1. Fold tablecloth to form a long, narrow track. (Or you can wrap a piece of cardboard in red wrapping paper if you prefer to have a movable base.)
  2. Place electrical tape in two (4-inch) strips parallel to one another. Then cut 8-inch strips and run those horizontally/perpendicular to the created tracks.
  3. Slide marshmallows on ends of toothpick, making two sets of wheel bases. Then place graham crackers on top.
  4. Connect Uncle Al’s Chocolate Crèmes to marshmallows with a dab of icing.
  5. Place cupcakes on top of graham crackers to complete your train.
  6. Add toy train to the front so the cupcakes are being “pulled” by an engine. This fan used her son’s favorite train, Thomas, but you can use any train to complete the look!

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