How You Snack – Fan Recipe July 21 2015


We always love when our fans show us their favorite or most creative way to eat our treats.

Here’s the recipe to one fan’s creation:

Strawberry VANILLA Parfait


  • 3 oz bag of Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers
  • 3 oz cup of vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 8 ripened strawberries, sliced


Set aside six wafers and crumble the remaining cookies.

Place half of the vanilla reek yogurt in bottom of cup.

Top with half of your strawberries, then half of your crumbled Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers.

Repeat the layering process. Then top the final product with whole Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers as shown in picture.

It’s so easy, you can do it too! Be sure to post your creations to our Pinterest page and maybe your creations will be featured on one of our blogs soon.