Let Us Help You EAT MORE OATMEAL (cookies, that is) May 26 2015

There are so many fun ways to eat Bud’s Best Oatmeal Cookies; here are a few of our fan favorites:

  • Why be wedded to a box of cereal when you can eat a bag of cereal? Actions: Pour into your favorite cereal bowl. Add milk. Ahh….heaven.
  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. It’s summer, after all. If you want to change up your ice cream routine, try crumbling Bud’s Best Oatmeal Cookies as a topping. Yum-o.
  • Do you bake? If so, try Bud’s Best Oatmeal Cookies as a pie topping or add them to your favorite crust recipe.
  • Cookie sandwich, take 1: Put icing in the middle of two of our oatmeal cookies. Bonus: it’s a fun activity for your kids to help assemble.
  • Cookie sandwich, take 2: Not much can be better than icing in the middle of two oatmeal cookies…but if there was a second best, try a dab of ice cream. Your taste buds will thank you, promise.

There are so many ways to dress an oatmeal cookie that we’re sure there’s more ideas to share. Would you like to add to our list?

Please share with us your ideas on our social media pages. Post any pictures of your creations and tag @BudsBestCookies or comment below.