Game Day Treat! September 02 2015

Our fan Lindsay, made these sweet treats with Bud's Best Cookies Vanilla Wafers just in time for game day! Read on to see how you can personalize this game day treat for you and your family!

You will need: 

1 bag of Bud's Best Cookies Vanilla Wafers
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup sugar
Food Coloring of your choice
Edible glitter or frosting, if desired

Mix the vanilla extract, softened cream cheese, and sugar to make a sweetened cream cheese frosting/filling

Apply edible dye or a sparkly edible gel to the wafers.

Spread cream cheese filling on wafers.
Sandwich them together, decorate as desired and enjoy! 

How You Snack – Fan Recipe July 21 2015


We always love when our fans show us their favorite or most creative way to eat our treats.

Here’s the recipe to one fan’s creation:

Strawberry VANILLA Parfait


  • 3 oz bag of Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers
  • 3 oz cup of vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 8 ripened strawberries, sliced


Set aside six wafers and crumble the remaining cookies.

Place half of the vanilla reek yogurt in bottom of cup.

Top with half of your strawberries, then half of your crumbled Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers.

Repeat the layering process. Then top the final product with whole Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers as shown in picture.

It’s so easy, you can do it too! Be sure to post your creations to our Pinterest page and maybe your creations will be featured on one of our blogs soon.

Benefits of Eating Bud’s Best Cookies June 30 2015

We know there are so many fun ways to eat Bud’s Best Cookies; so show us your favorite or most creative way to eat this golden treat and the lucky winner with the most votes will win a case in each of our three sizes (1 oz, 2.5 oz and 6 oz) of bags.

Be sure to use #HowISnack

 Here are a few of our fan favorites:

  • Can dunk in milk
  • Perfect snack size
  • Boost of energy
  • Portion control

Would you like to add to our list of ways to eat these bite-size cookies?  Please share with us your ideas here or on our social media pages. Post any pictures of your creations and tag @BudsBestCookies.

#HowISnack Contest on #1-Selling Vanilla Wafers Underway June 09 2015

Cookies make the world a sweeter place and they can also have that effect in your kitchen! We want to know how many ways you cookie lovers can snack a Vanilla Wafer!

Did you know that Bud’s Best Vanilla Wafers are our #1-selling cookie across the country?

They’re soooo good that every Super Wal-Mart nationwide sells our wafers. But you can also find them at many local groceries and, of course, online at our factory store,

Show us your favorite or most creative way to eat this golden treat, and the lucky winner with the most votes will win a case in each of our three sizes (1 oz, 2.5 oz and 6 oz) of bags.

Enter here or post your picture to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter using #HowISnack for a chance to win!

Be sure to use #HowISnack

Make Father’s Day the Best Yet June 02 2015

Trivia: Bud Cason, founder of Bud’s Best Cookies, actually invented the bite-size cookie. You might say he’s the father of the bite-size cookie.

So in honor of Father’s Day, make Bud proud by taking our cookie survey:

If your dad were a cookie, which one would he be?

  1. The classic but relaxed Vanilla Wafer
  2. The friendly and fun Teddy Bear?
  3. The wholesome and strong Oatmeal Cookie?


Let us know on Instagram by sharing a picture of your dad with his favorite cookie. Be sure to tag @BudsBestCookies in the picture.

Psst…In case you’re wondering….Bud would be the Teddy Bear!

And be sure to come back to our online shop before Father’s Day for a special sale for dads (and everyone else who loves our cookies).